Entertain the kids without breaking the bank this summer.

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Entertain the Kids without breaking the bank this summer

Newbury’s Festival of the Moon has you covered!

In our current cost-of-living crisis, many parents are facing the challenge of finding affordable ways to entertain their children during the summer holidays. Visit Newbury is stepping in with an ideal solution: the Festival of the Moon. Perfect for both local residents and our lovely visitors, this festival is not just about experiencing Newbury’s signature hospitality but also giving you access to a whole host of FREE family-friendly events.

With easy and cost-effective travel links from major cities like London, Bristol, Bath, and Birmingham, Newbury emerges as a must-visit summer destination for families looking to make unforgettable memories without denting their wallets.

Lighten the load with our favourite fun-filled (and free) events for your family

The Mirror has reported that 32% of parents told Trustpilot that they worried about how much holiday activities were going to cost, and 21% said they were going to cut back on spending in other areas so they could afford summer activities for their children.

The Festival of the Moon is here to help, with a plethora of free activities to make summer memorable. Here are sour favourites:

  1. Shop Trail: Take a stroll through Newbury’s bustling streets and delightful boutiques in our shop trail and be in with a chance to win a treasure trove of prizes. Win Cinema tickets for a family of 4 from Vue Cinemas, a Family Ticket to 4 Kingdoms Adventure park, an M&S £50 voucher (to take the strain off the uniform shop), or a Nandos meal for 4!
  1. Bat Walk and Talk: Grab your David Attenborough wannabee and join us for a bat walk to learn more about these fascinating creatures of the night. Use heterodyne detectors to listen to the echolocation calls of the bats and see a different side of Newbury.
  1. Lego Rocket Challenge: Let young minds design, create, and launch their very own Lego rockets at Newbury Library. A challenge that promises fun and fosters creativity.
  1. Moon Crafts at Newbury Library: Dive into a world of artistry and craftiness with moon-themed paper craft activities that will have your kids beaming with pride over their creations.
  1. Observe the Moon: Partnered with the Newbury Astronomical Society, families can get an up-close view of the moon’s cratered surface and learn fascinating lunar facts using a whole range of telescopes on the rooftop as the sun goes down.

And make a special visit to Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon, a spectacular lunar installation inside the Corn Exchange, based on NASA images and celebrating celestial beauty. With a musical installation by BAFTA winning composer, Dan Jones, you’ll be astounded by the whole experience.

We all know how much it can cost to entertain your children during the long summer holidays. Let Visit Newbury provide you with a fun and affordable way to ditch the screens and fire up their brain cells. Visit Newbury wants every child to have the chance of an enriching summer experience.

For more information about the Festival of the Moon, to book tickets, and to discover other exciting happenings in Newbury, please visit the Visit Newbury website at www.visitnewbury.org.


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