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About Newbury BID
Newbury BID (Business Improvement District) is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2012 by local businesses, for local businesses. It is a fully independent, business-led and business-funded Community Interest Company, which exists to allow the 600+ businesses of Newbury Town Centre to work together collaboratively towards a shared vision and purpose.
“Our long-term vision is to establish Newbury as a go-to destination for businesses and visitors from all around the world, with the BID leading the way on place-shaping and town centre transformation.”
Every business which occupies a hereditament (business rateable premises) within Newbury’s Business Improvement District pays an annual BID Levy. These funds are supplemented by income from the BID’s commercial activities and are used to deliver the projects voted for by businesses as part of the BID’s Term II Business Plan to ensure that:

Marketing & Promotion

People from near and far know about Newbury and everything the town has to offer

Attractive Town Centre

Newbury town centre is a safe, clean and welcoming place to visit

Out & About and Events

Visitors have a fantastic experience when in Newbury and want to keep coming back

Business Support & Income

Businesses choose Newbury as their home and achieve commercial growth here

Newbury’s Business Improvement District includes businesses which operate from rateable premises within the following streets in Newbury town centre. You can also view a map of the Business Improvement District.
Every five years, levy-paying businesses within the BID vote to continue to work together towards these shared goals. The next BID Ballot is due to take place in February 2022 for businesses to decide if they would like the BID to continue for a third 5-year term from 1st June 2022.


Number of hereditamentsc. 620
BID levy rate1.5%
Total annual BID levy valuec. £300,000
Current BID term1st June 2017-31st May 2022
Renewal vote result (2017)73.2% In favour (up from 72% in 2012)
Renewal vote turnout (2017)53.1% (up from 44% in 2012)


BID Projects

The BID delivers a fantastic range of projects proposed and voted for by local businesses as part of the BID’s Second Term Business Plan.

BID Services

BID levy payers benefit from a number of free services as part of their commitment to working in collaboration with their neighbours.

Newbury BID Board

BID Board

The BID is guided and steered by voluntary board members and company directors from the local business community.

Newbury BID Team

BID Team

The BID's day-to-day operations are managed by a small team of dedicated employees who work hard to deliver the BID's projects and objectives.

Newbury BID Publications

BID Publications

The BID team regularly produce publications to keep levy payers updated with news, progress against objectives, and new proposals.

Newbury BID News

BID News

Keep up-to-date with the latest stories, case studies, collaborations and networking opportunities from the local business community.


Services for local businesses, from local businesses

Check out our directory of local B2B businesses within the Newbury BID area which provide business services such as marketing, recruitment, finance, catering, IT and HR. Some even offer discounts and incentives for Newbury BID levy payers. Show your commitment to supporting local by making the most of quality businesses right on your doorstep.
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