The Watermill Theatre

The Watermill Theatre
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The beautiful building which houses The Watermill Theatre was built in 1830 as a corn mill, a fullers mill and a fine paper mill. There is earlier evidence of a mill at Bagnor however, as its existence is recorded in the Domesday Book.

Immersed in stunning surroundings in the village of Bagnor, just 3 miles from Newbury town centre, the derelict watermill was later converted into one of the smallest and prettiest professional theatres in the country, opening for its first theatre season in 1967.

In the 1980s, the theatre was developed into a nationally and internationally respected all year round producing house, which has since toured to 21 countries including the UK.

You can enjoy a range of exceptional, professional productions at The Watermill Theatre, made all the more special by its unique setting. The quaint intimacy of the auditorium serves to fully immerse you in the performances, and some of the most captivating shows are ones which have just one or two actor-musicians portraying a variety of different characters. We especially love the fact that actors aren’t allowed to flush their dressing room toilet during performances, as the nature of this wonderful old building means you can hear the flush from the auditorium!

This is a very, very special theatre and a must-visit if you want to experience Newbury’s heart and history. Look out for the mill’s resident ducks when you visit, and enjoy food and drinks from The Watermill’s restaurant in the peaceful garden.

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