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Donnington Castle
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Venture just 1.5 miles from Newbury town centre and enjoy panoramic views from the ruins of the magnificent 14th century Donnington Castle.

With its rich and fascinating history, it’s easy to transport yourself back to a time gone by and imagine the scenes and battles that once took place here. Legend has it that both Henry VIII and Elizabeth I stayed here in its heyday, and the large defences built to protect the castle during the English Civil War still survive to this day.

Hike the short hill to the castle at sunset, or even after the sun’s gone down, and look to the sky. On a clear night, with the stars glistening overhead, you could be at any junction in space and time. Time travel may not be possible physically, but let your imagination run wild and time-travel your consciousness to another age entirely. That’s the magic of Donnington Castle; it brings the past to life and allows you to become immersed in it.

If you’re visiting Donnington Castle, be sure to pick up local footpaths and walking trails to explore its surrounding area, including Snelsmore Common, Donnington Grove, and Bagnor. If you drive and park in Donnington Castle’s car park, once you’ve enjoyed the glorious views from the castle, continue beyond the castle to discover some of the beauty on its doorstep.

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