DATE: Saturday 18th November 2023 

LOCATION: Newbury Town Centre  

TIMINGS: 10.00am – 6.00pm  

SUMMARY: Newbury Business Improvement District’s (BID) Christmas Light Switch-On Festival is a fabulous festive annual event with live music & entertainment, children’s fairground rides, Christmas Artisan Market, and an exciting programme of free family activities throughout the day. The event is very popular with many Newbury and West Berkshire residents who look forward to taking their families for a great, affordable, local day out. The event is free and usually attracts around 10,000+ attendees and 35,000 visitors passing footfall throughout the day.


  • Artisanal Goods:  £25  per pitch  
  • Hot Food:  Price upon application; priority will be given to BID Members 
Application Closing Date: Wednesday 4th October 2023

Applications received after this date will not be considered

For all Terms and Conditions, please see below. 

Terms & Conditions 

You must agree to and sign the below Terms & Conditions in-order for us to consider your application:

1.1 Fees 

As a pitch fee, you must pay the amount listed on page 1, for the right to use the site. The pitch fee must be paid in advance upon receipt of a BID invoice, and as sites are limited, bookings will not be confirmed without receipt of funds and a current Certificate of Public Liability Insurance

1.2 Trading hours 

10.00am – 6.00pm or as notified by Newbury BID as specified in confirmation letter. Stallholders must conduct business from the stall at all times during the trading hours.

1.3 Temporary basis 

The right of occupation of a stall at the event is a temporary licence. Occupation of the stall will only be as a casual stallholder during the event. Newbury BID has absolute discretion to grant or revoke this right at any time. The Application Form for a site does not guarantee acceptance. Preference will be given to stalls with a West Berkshire or Thames Valley content and good presentation and is at the discretion of Newbury BID.

1.4 Venue 

The actual location of the stall at the event will be at Newbury BID’s discretion. Stall allocation is on a first come first served basis. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to ensure their stall fit on the site applied for and allocated to them as per the details submitted within this application form.

1.5 Use of the stall 

Stallholders must only use and occupy the stall for retail sale of products as described by stallholder on page 1. Other stallholders may be permitted to conduct a similar business at the event. All goods and merchandise offered for sale or sold by stallholders must comply with relevant health & safety and compliance standards. A photo of the stall goods for sale must be submitted along with this completed application.

 1.6 Stall Equipment 

The event does not provide any furniture or stall weather protection; successful applicants must provide their own gazebo or similar stall set-up and equipment.

1.7 Timing for Loading and Unloading 

Morning: Between 8.00am and 10.00am. Evening from 7.00pm onwards or as soon as event area is deemed safe for vehicles as decided by Newbury BID. Vehicles are prohibited within the event during trading hours. All vehicles must be parked offsite during the event unless special dispensation is agreed in advance by Newbury BID in writing.

Please note that the road closure will come into effect from 08.00am therefore you will have 2 x hours to set up and remove your vehicle offsite from the event.

1.8 Payment Method 

Stallholders can pay via Bac’s upon receipt of a Newbury BID invoice. All payments must be made a minimum of 28 days prior to the event.

1.9 Conduct of Business 

1.9.1 Stallholders must conduct themselves in a proper, polite and orderly manner at all times and keep noise to a minimum. Stalls must be kept in a clean and tidy condition and remove all rubbish from site at the end of the event and dispose of safely offsite.

1.9.2 Stallholders must be fully set-up and trading no later than 10.00am with all vehicles removed off-site and parked elsewhere. Traders must continue trading until the event has finished no earlier than 6.00pm.

1.9.3 Stallholders must not block access to shops and businesses in the area, nor distract customers from entering business premises.

1.9.4 Stallholders must ensure that pedestrians have unrestricted access to any public footpath and highway located within the Venue, and that pre-agreed vehicles only, do not obstruct any public footpath or public highway.

1.10 Insurance 

Stallholders must take out and maintain adequate product insurance at all times and a minimum £5 million Public Liability policy. This policy must be attached to the application when submitted.

1.11 Sub Letting and Sharing 

Subletting or sharing of sites is not permissible without the written consent of Newbury BID.

1.12 Weather 

Newbury BID will not be responsible for trade affected by weather conditions. Newbury BID will not bear any responsibility for application refunds for cancellation either by traders or Newbury BID.

1.13 Cancellation of booking 

Cancellation of bookings 4 weeks or less prior to the event will result in forfeiture of pitch fee, or in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of Newbury BID.

1.14 Health & Safety 

1.14.1 Risk Assessments are sent by you, to allow overview and agreement by Newbury BID. Without this, your application may be cancelled. Bookings will not be confirmed before the risk assessment has been signed off. Your risk assessment must include details of Covid-19 and other relevant public health measures.

1.14.2 Obtaining approval from the BID for the use of generators and ensuring that any generators permitted are operated in a safe manner, are separated from the public, or are protected by suitable covers or barriers. All generators must be inspected and have a valid Electrical Safety Certificate. No petrol generators will be allowed on site without the prior written consent of the BID.

1.14.3 Gazebos or infrastructure must be suitably weighted down and secured

1.15 Consents 

1.15.1 A Street Trading Consent Permit will be required from West Berkshire Council for all street trading activities. Newbury BID will apply for this on your behalf if your application is successful. Your pitch fee includes the cost of Street Trading Consent.

1.15.2 A Charitable Consent Permit will be required from West Berkshire Council for stallholders collecting money or selling articles for the benefit of charitable purposes. You will need to apply and obtain this yourself if you are applying on behalf of a charity if your application is successful. There is no additional cost for this from West Berkshire Council.

1.15.3 Stallholders selling alcohol must provide confirmation of their Personal licence number at application stage or confirmation of a TEN (Temporary Event Notice) obtained from West Berkshire Council a minimum of 10 working days before the event.

Submitting the application form 

  1. By submitting this application, you acknowledge that you hold a current Public Liability Insurance Policy for £5 million.
  2. This application acknowledges that Newbury BID is indemnified against all claims arising from damage/injury to goods or persons
  3. Payment must accompany this application form.

Data Protection

The information you provide will be used to book and secure our facilities and may be disclosed to debt collection agencies or West Berkshire Council’s Legal Department, for pursuing unpaid debts.

We may also use any information to comply with any other enforcement agency requests, such as other government agencies (e.g., Trading Standards Departments), Police Authorities, Customs and Excise and Immigration Services.

Our privacy policy can be viewed here: https://visitnewbury.org.uk/privacy-policy

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