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Lambourn Seven Barrows is the name given to a large group of burial mounds (over 40) scattered over a dry chalk valley north of the village of Lambourn. At the core of the cemetery are at least ten Bronze Age barrows arranged in two parallel rows.

A range of barrow types are represented, named for their shapes – bell, bowl, disc and saucer – and they are well preserved as Scheduled Monuments within a small nature reserve which is open to the public. 

Many of the Seven Barrows mounds were opened by antiquarians in the 19th century and numerous finds were recorded including cremation burials (some in urns), animal bones, jewelry and bronze artefacts. It is likely that this valley was a focus for ritual funerary activity for thousands of years, from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) when a long barrow was constructed through to the pagan Saxon period when round barrows were used as burial sites.

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