RG20 8TE


1-3 Start at Northcroft Leisure Centre, Newbury as per longer route.
4. Turn L along Grove Road
5. Road passes under A34. Just after this turn R signed towards Bagnor and the Watermill Theatre.
6. Pass the Watermill Theatre on LHS. Continue on around to the R.
7. At Winterbourne. At T-juction turn L towards Chieveley and Hermitage on B4494.
8. Continue under the M4 then turn L at the cross roads, towards Boxford.
9. Follow road to the L, towards Boxford.
10. At T-junction turn L, towards Boxford and Newbury.
11. Continue on the road around the bends, at T-junction turn L onto Lambourne Road
23. Follow longer route.

Cycle Route: Curridge, Chieveley & Boxford

Access: Fairly Hard

Duration: 1 hour

Miles: 13

Newbury BID Company|Broadway House|Newbury|RG14 1BA|