Hire Public Spaces

There are various opportunities available for all types of groups/people and companies in order to either hold an event or promote themselves or their business in the town centre.


Events & Regulated Entertainment

Thank you for expressing an interest in holding an event in Newbury Town Centre. Newbury BID holds a strict six week booking policy. In order for your event to go ahead you will need to:

  • Complete the Event Notification Form
    Please complete this as soon as possible and submit on-line. On receipt of the information Newbury BID will provisionally book your required date
  • Risk assessment
    full risk assessment will be required for the event

  • Public liability Insurance
    A minimum of £10 million and a copy of the certificate is to be provided .This  should be emailed to: paula.mcauley@newburybid.com

Once the paperwork is complete this will be referred to the Event Safety Advisory Group and the premises licence holder for West Berkshire Council to be signed off for consent to be issued. If the paperwork has not been returned to Newbury BID within the six weeks’ notice period the event will be unable to go ahead.


Promotional Activity 

Thank you for expressing an interest to promote your business in Newbury Town Centre. Newbury BID hold a strict four weeks booking policy.


Pricing excluding VAT 

Daily Rate

Retail/customer acquisition

Big Brand Activity










Full Week



Registered charities, voluntary organisations, including religious groups, may have these fees waived or be granted discounted rates.


In order for your event to go ahead the following will need to happen:

  • Event Notification Form – Please complete this as soon as possible and submit on-line. On receipt of the information Newbury BID will provisionally book your required date. 
  • Risk assessment
     full risk assessment will be required for the event

  • Public liability Insurance
    A minimum of £10 million - copy of certificate to be provided. This should be emailed to:  info@newburybid.com

Unless a Newbury BID Investor, payment is required a minimum of two weeks before event start date. Once all paperwork has been completed and signed off by the Commerical Manager, consent for the event will be issued with all relevant contact details for the event period.

If any businesses of any nature are unable to comply with these time frames you request for an event will be refused and the event will not run.

Leaflet Distribution Form

Charges for leaflet distribution are £25 per person per day.

Please note that any company or individual wishing to carry out a leaflet distribution in the Town Centre must abide by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 as amended by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.* This means if you are handing out leaflets you are legally obliged to collect and dispose of any discarded literature at the end of the promotion.

Terms and Conditions

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 as amended by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 the distribution of free printed matter is permitted only with the prior consent of the Council. “Free printed matter” includes any newspaper, document, card, leaflet, pamphlet, sticker or other literature for which no charge is made to the recipient. “Distribute” means give it to or to offer or make available, and includes placing or affixing free literature to vehicles. It does not include putting it inside a building or letterbox.

The legislation does not apply to the distribution of free literature:

• By or on behalf of a charity within the meaning of the Charities Act 1993 where that literature relates to or is for the benefit of that charity.

• Where the distribution is for political purposes.

• By a person who distributes the literature by delivering it into a building or letterbox.

• Where the distribution is for the purposes of a religion or belief.

Consents will normally be granted for a specific period to be determined by the application and dependent on the applicant’s circumstances.

Consent Conditions

Consents will be subject to conditions, which may restrict the time or places where free printed matter may be distributed. All consents will also be subject to the following standard conditions:

  • The consent is subject to payment of a fee, which is based on the number of persons to be used to distribute the free literature at any one time. E.g. an organisation may have 10 people available to distribute free printed matter, but may only use a maximum of 5 of those distributors at any one time. The fee in that case will be 5 x the prescribed amount.
  • All staff engaged in the distribution of free printed matter carry a letter of authorisation issued by Newbury BID bearing the number of the consent and showing the name and company of the consent holder.
  • The above authorisation shall be produced on demand to an authorized officer of Newbury BID, an officer of West Berkshire Council or a Police Officer.
  • No free printed matter shall be left unattended by staff for the general public to take at their discretion.
  • All places in which free printed matter has been distributed are to be cleansed forthwith by the consent holder to a radius of 100 metres from the distribution point of any litter caused by the distribution of the said literature.
  • A copy of the leaflet to be distributed should be attached to the application.
  • Applications for consent must be made not less than fourteen days before the required date for the distribution of free printed matter.
  • Consents will be subject to the payment of a fee based on the number of distributors per application.
  • No consent shall be given for the distribution of the following types of literature if it is under the opinion of the Newbury BID management team that it is:

1. Racist, sexist or offensive material or literature encouraging criminal behaviour.

2. Literature that promotes the irresponsible use of alcohol (including ‘happy-hour’ advertisements and ‘money-off’ offers). It is expected that all literature promoting alcohol shall display a responsible drinking strap line.

  • Newbury BID need not give consent where it is considered that the proposed distribution of free literature is likely to lead to the defacement of the designated area i.e. increased litter or any other public nuisance.

Consent may be revoked at any time if any of the above conditions are contravened.


Newbury BID welcomes accomplished musicians and street performers to the Town Centre. Please see here terms and conditions for busking and entertaining in Newbury Town Centre. To register for a busking permit please complete the details on the Busking Permit Form or contact Newbury BID for more information on 01635 760505. An up to date passport size photograph must be supplied with your application.

Insurance: please provide details of Equity or Musician’s Union membership cover, or Newbury BID may provide cover.  If you have Public Liability Insurance please provide a copy of the certificate.

Busking Permits can only be granted to individuals aged 18 or over.

If possible, please email any performance clips prior to applying for a permit to paula.mcauley@newburybid.com so that the BID office can decide on suitability.

It is illegal for persons under 17 to play, sing or perform in a street for money – contrary to the Children and Young Persons Act 1993. (We must be satisfied that all persons are over 17 years of age).

1. Street Buskers and Street Entertainers, once a permit has been granted:

1.1 May only perform within the designated areas, and must remain there for the total performance time. This time slot must be booked in advance via the BID office at info@newburybid.com. Failure to comply may result in a member of the BID team politely asking the busker to leave.

  • Northbrook Street
  • Wharf Street
  • Bartholomew St. North
  • Market Place (not on Charter Market days: Thursdays & Saturdays)

1.2 A Busking Permit must be displayed when performing. A Busking Permit will be granted for a one month trial period initially. If all parties are satisfied with the performances the permit will be extended.

1.3 The entertainment must not obstruct the highway (any footpath, pavement or open pedestrian area). The BID office will politely ask for any obstruction to be removed. If cooperation is not sought, the Police will be asked to move on persons obstructing the highway, even if a permit is held.

1.4 Buskers may be asked to audition in order to obtain a permit to busk in Newbury. Newbury BID reserves the right to re-audition if complaints are received.

1.5 Must not be found under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. If you are found guilty of performing under the influence of either of these, you will not be permitted to continue and will have your licensed cancelled.

1.6 The appearance and quality of an act should demonstrate a positive intention to entertain passers-by, not to solicit money through sympathy. The entertainment provided shall not contain any racist, sexist, lewd indecent or offensive material.

1.7 Buskers should not use animals within their performance.

1.8 Buskers should not perform by a cash point or any other similar area.

2. Noise and Amplification

2.1 Amplifiers are permitted only within the designated areas, but buskers must control the volume so that their busking is not intrusive or a nuisance to nearby premises (as prescribed in the Environment Protection Act 1990). Noise should not be so loud that it can plainly be heard at a distance of 50 meters.

2.2 The volume should be kept at a level which will not disturb people working in shops and offices and local residents.

2.3 Any request by a Police Officer, Newbury BID or Officer of West Berkshire Council to reduce the level of amplification must be complied with. Failure to comply will result in the Busking Permit being revoked immediately and no further busking permitted. Without a permit in the licensed area it is illegal to busk.

3. Withdrawal of Licence

3.1 Newbury BID reserves the right to withdraw a busker or entertainers permit should this code of practise be violated.

3.2 No trading can take place without a Street Trading License (via West Berkshire Council). Should this be violated the permit may be withdrawn.

4. Street Collection

4.1 Buskers and street entertainers, and their money collection containers, must not cause obstruction to passers-by.

4.2 Buskers should not display any signs inviting payment.

4.3 You must not, under any circumstances make representations that money you collect will go to charitable or other purposes. Only authorised street collecting permits allow for such collections to take place.

5 Insurance

5.1 Please provide details of Equity or Musician’s Union membership cover, or Newbury BID may provide cover.  If you have Public Liability Insurance please provide a copy of the certificate.

Granting Your Permit

If you are making a postal application please supply one recent passport size colour photograph of yourself.

Note – if the application is made by 2 or more persons comprising a group, only the photo of a ‘nominated’ group member is required. 

Data Protection 

The information you provide will be used to book and secure our facilities and may be disclosed to debt collection agencies or West Berkshire Council's Legal Department, for the purpose of pursuing unpaid debts. 

We may also use any information to comply with any other enforcement agency requests, such as other government agencies (e.g. Benefit Agencies or Trading Standards Departments), Police Authorities, Customs and Excise and Immigration Services. 

Your information may also be passed to West Berkshire Council's Tourism Information Service, The Economic Development Team or exchanged with other data protected management agencies whose express purpose is to manage town centre and city exhibition space so that we may further improve the event activity within the town centre (via the feedback form), and better understand the public's perception and requirements of a town centre. The information will be held on file for a period of 5 years and then destroyed in a secure and confidential manner. 



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