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BID II PROPOSAL 2017 - 2022




Jean Ince

Jean Ince
Co-owner of Artifax

My husband, daughter and I moved to Newbury from Newcastle in 1987. Although much loved by its residents it was a town like many other small towns that looked as though it was living in the past.

We liked living here because we like the people but there was nothing that attracted us to shopping in Newbury so we always went elsewhere and it was apparent that many other residents also did the same.

Things improved somewhat over the years but there was just no energy about the town. The BID has really changed that.

These days people come to shop in Newbury out of choice, not as a last resort because they're in a hurry.

The role of the BID is to promote and support events and services to encourage footfall; not to drive shoppers to particular businesses but to drive them to experience and explore the town. This in turn encourages spending and improves the sense of community. This is evident in many ways such as the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Hunt and many more. 

In my view the BID absolutely achives it's purpose.

I have seen the difference first hand, as a resident, as owner of Artifax the Picture Framers and as a voluntary member of the BID Board. Without the BID I strongly believe that energy would disappear. 

I know the hard work that goes into making it happen. I am proud to be associated with the BID and hope it continues long into the future. 


A Plan Insurance

Alistair Chapman
A Plan Insurance 

A-Plan is proud to support the Newbury BID. In an increasingly competitive economic climate, pooling our resources through the Buisness Improvement District benefits Newbury businesses, residents and visitors, allowing Newbury's retail, leisure, hertiage and culture to flourish and grow. The increase in footfall alone since the inception of the Newbury BID, makes supporting the renewal an easy choice! 

Nature Corner

Anita Hatch
Natures Corner

My business partner Liz Chandler was part of the committee that applied for the BID back in 2012. The BID has a vital role to play increasing footfall within the town by planning and organising town initiatives and events. The BID meetings are very important to attend. They are vital for Newbury businesses to have a voice and air any concerns they may have. For this reason I will continue to support Newbury BID and hope that they will be a future resource for buisnesses and retailers within Newbury. 


Hedley Palmer

Newbury BID is fantastic in allowing buisness' from all industries to come together to plan and discuss upcoming events in the town. We support BID for its renewal in October as this will mean the continued interaction and planning needed by businesses to allow them to thrive into the future. 

Hogan Music, Boomerang Creative and BDZ Holdings

Julie Pearson
Group Business Development Manager - Hogan Music, Boomerang Creative, BDZ Holdings

The BID is our voice and our resource, dedidcated to helping us and other buisnesses grow. Whilst some businesses benefit more than others, overall having the BID means that Newbury town centre has developed adn hosted events that we wouldn't have had without them. As a result the town centre is fighting back against the national downturn into footfall. We would love to see the BID use their experience of what has worked well and not so well over the past 5 years to build on their successes over the next 5 years.


Nigel Morrison

Nigel Morrison 
Branch Manager Wilko

Over the last 5 years the BID has been able to facilitate the events and marketing of Newbury Town Centre. With recent budget cuts the BID has been able to truley represent and support the business community within the town. This may not directly touch every business, but indirectly certainly minimises any potentially negative impact. 

The BID now plays an instrumental role in marketing Newbury online, and in the media. There is a real sense of drive and ambition about Newbury. The last 5 years have been an exciting time and a real pleasure to be a part of the growth of Nebwury. 

While there will be haters of the BID. I ask them, what do you think we will be able to accomplish without the BID? What have you done to influence the direction and objectives of the BID? I think we all know the answer to that! On a professional level I have been inspired to se the motivation and leadership demonstrated to delivered Events and Value for Money Marketing, that has undoubtedly made local towns and villages "Think again" about Newbury. 

I am supporting the Renewal of the BID in one simple line: If the BID is not renewed we lose too much! 

Mc Donalds

Ross Drake

Ross Drake
Owner and Franchisee of Mc Donalds Restaurant on Northbrook Street

The first term of the BID has seen some great improvements to the Town Centre. Some of the many things that wouldn't have happened without the BID include more events in the town centre, Street Rangers, Xmas Lights and signposting. All of this helps to make Newbury town centre a better place for more more people to shop and visit, and more people in the town centre help all of buisnesses. 

I am supporting the BID renewal in October as I support a vibrant Newbury town centre, its great for the people of Newbury and therefore also great for the businesses in Newbury. 

Regents Lettings

Graham Leech

Graeme Leech
Regent Lettings

Funds raised from local businesses have spent been on improving Newbury Town Centre, via projects and services that the businesses have chosen. A professional, coordinated marketing and promotional campaign is now up and running and designed to get local people back in the habit of using the town centre. You will notice the town centre is a nicer place to visit in the evening with a reduction in teh levels of anti-social behaviour and this improvement is underlined by the purple flag award. What a difference our Town Rangers have made patrolling the streets, helping to make our town a more welcome place for visitors to come to, and encourging them to stay longer. You will see nre and improved signage and mapping. Need I go on... I am supporting the renewal and would vote yes so that our town centre businesses can retain the most powerful lobbying voice that buisnesses in Newbury have ever had. 


Andi Williams

Since starting at Jigsaw Newbury the BID have been nothing but fabulous in ensuirng I know what is going on in the town & how we can get involved. Suzanne has gone above & beyond in helping with any query we have. Jigsaw in particular encourages each store to get involved with as much marketing in their town as possible, if it wasn't for the BID this would have been much more challenging and I wouldn't have half the contacts we now have. As a result of this we won marketing store of the year for the company. I would most certainly vote 'Yes' on the renewal of the BID as the town wouldn't have the fabulous community spirting it has if it was not for the BID's hard work. 

Ross Brooke

Chris Davies

Director at Ross Brooke

In my opinion the projects delivered by the BID team have, quite simply, made Newbury a more attractive place to visit, live and work. In the face of stiff competition from internet retailers and other local shopping destinations, the prestigious Purple Flag award and the ongoing successful social media and advertising campaigns, supported with regular events such as the popular Easter Egg Hunt, Artisan Markets, Street Entertainters and Food Fairs, to name just a few, all continue to attract visitors to the town as evidenced by the growth in footfall traffic. And where would we be without our Christmas lights, the envy of many other towns, and our tremendous Street Rangers? I for one, want this work to continue and for that reason shall be voting "Yes" in the BID renewal ballot. 


James Allen
Owner of Prohibition 

I am very proud to be part of the achievements that the BID has accomplished over the its' first term and very much looking forward to the next 5 years. For me, next tiem around the BID should shout aloud what it has done and how hard it works for the community. 

Ya Properties

Yvonne Soulby
ya Properties

We are encouraged by the improved retail areas of the town centre and the variety of the events being staged which in turn encourages visits to the town. We look forward to the office and other employment sectors beign equally represented in the next term of the BID. 

Rainbows of Newbury

Fiona Crooks Smith
Rainbows of Newbury

To even the most casual observer, it is evident that the BID is continuing to make a big difference for the better in Newbury - the town is vibrant, clean, well signposted, a joy to live and work in. There are frequent and varied activtiies adn events around the town to entertain and attract people in. There is definitely a more positive and upbeat vibe to the town. As a levy payer independent business owner in the town, I am very happy with the progress the BID are making and long may it continue. Of course I'll be voting 'Yes!' 

BooBars BBQ

Sid Shepherd
BooBars BBQ

Working with Newbury BID has helped BooBars BBQ go from strength to strength. The team at BID are very professional, hard working and surpass any requirements asked by local businesses. All in all I would recommend Newbury BID to any new start-up in teh area. 

The Co-operative Funeral Care

Jacquie Gibbons
The Co-operative Funeral Care

Newbury BID really helped our business when we started and has continued to do so, from advice on useful contacts in Newbury, to help in planning our open day and other events. Always friendly to speak to, they have made us feel welcome and supported in the local buisness community. 

We will be voting YES to keep Newbury BID - they encourage good relations and communications amougst the diverse traders in Newbury and are an invaluable resource for new and established businesses. 

BST Fitness

Lewis Freeman
BST Fitness

I have found the Newbury BID to be very beneficial to drive new members/leads into our new club in Newbury. Social media has been a good tool with new leads into the club. I think the BID Rangers are an asset to the Town Centre area. 

Inn at Home

David Marklew
Inn at Home

We opened our Newbury store in July last year and are now approaching a very happy first anniversary in this lovely town.

Having the suport of a dedicated team focused on making Newbury a better and safer environment and a more stimulating and engaging place to shop is a very tanglible benefit, particularly to independent buisnesses that are trying to create somethign unique. 

We value the contribution the BID team make to our businesses and the town, we look foward to seeing the excellent work they are doing both on the street and in the marketing Newbury continued. 

Fresca Coffee Shop

Ahmed Elsenousi
Fresca Coffee Shop

Newbury BID has helped and supported small buisnesses like our coffee shop. The Halloween Haunt Hunt has had a great result in letting people discover us and many have ended up as loyal customers. 

Maplin Electronics

Emma Barnes
Maplin Electronics

Being an electrical store we sell a lot of items that are small, compact, high value and therefore easily stolen. The BID Street Rangers inform us of known shoplifters in the area and we in turn tell them of known shoplifters so they can pass this on to other businesses. On one recent occassion, when the Police did not immediately arrive, Sam the BID Ranger, did so within 2 minutes and followed the shoplifter around the high street awaiting for the police to arrive. 

There are a number of local people who are known to be trouble and event through they have been a problem in the past the BID Rangers still speak to them like humans and maintain a professional approachand this gives them a better chance of getting them to move on if needed. 

The events that are set up along the high street by the BID team bring a lot of people into Newbury high street and drive the footfall of our shop as well, we really liked the Reindeer Hunt at Christmas and also the Easter Egg Hunt during Easter, both events brought a lot of people into our shop and not just to find the event items! 

We as a store are strongly voting for th eNewbury BID renewal in October, we believe the high street would struggle without you! 


Becky Moore

Thank you to Newbury BID, the support initiatives and advice you have offered througout the year has helped Scope to increase its' presence on the high street. Many thanks! 


Steph Brown

Inigo are very thankful to Newbury BID for all the great work they have done for both our businesses and Newbury as a whole. The BID have featured our centre in their newsletter, alongside distrubuting our leaflet for free reaching 650 local buisnesses. This combined with the town meetings and social events provides a great opportunity for Newbury businesses to connect with one another. The Newbury Rangers help to keep the front of our building free of rubbish and have assisted us in an issue involving anti-social behaviour. Inigo will be supporting the BID in October to ensure the continued improvements to the town, and look forward to seeing Newbury continue to flourish. 

Duo Hair

Kim Stradling
Duo Hair

I think having the Newbury BID has helped the town become much more of a community, giving us the feeling we're all in this together. 

Jojo Mama Bebe

Rosy Wardell
Jojo Maman Bebe

It's been really positive to have the BID to help Jojo Maman Bebe with the advertising of teh promotions and spcial offers on the social media. All the BID team seems to be really friendly and helpful to promote Jojo Maman Bebe. We really appriecate all the help that we recieved. 

Trutex Schoolwear

Jacqui Lewis
Trutex Schoolwear

The BID team have worked very hard to ensure that all traders within the BID area have equal access to the resources available and that independents have a "voice" within the town. 

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